T and C Peruvians - Focusing on Temperament, Gait, and Beauty

Dona Meche is a wonderful mare who is not only EXTREMELY smooth and responsive, but also VERY loving and affectionate!!!

She is a solid-riding trail and show horse trained in the traditional Peruvian style. She is also good for an experienced rider or a beginner!
Dona Meche has been ridden in a gaited horse saddle and Peruvian-style bit. However, this mare can be ridden in an English saddle and snaffle or even a halter and lead rope! 

Dona Meche's strengths: loads in the trailer, stands for the farrier, good for the vet, saddles, grooms, stands tied, fly sprays, longes on a line, trots in hand, good on the trail, and very easy to control with a supple mouth.

  $8500   Video 

Brio is a stallion not even a full year yet. He stands tied, leads, grooms, picks up his feet and is very sweet! You wouldn't even know he is a stud!
Great Bloodlines!


Soldano-  Born October 1, 2013. Soldano is a very sweet  and adorable gelding!  He is very easy to catch, stands tied, stands for the farrier, grooms,great at leading, accepts fly spray, loads in the trailer, accepts a saddle and bit but is not
broke to ride yet.  

Condado-  He is bigger colt with a great disposition and color. He halters, leads, ties, grooms, picks up his feet,loads in the trailer, accepts fly spray, accepts a saddle and bridle. Buckskin



 Solo - 
Solo was born May 5, 2012. He is a very sweet, lovable horse. He is always the first to greet you in the pasture and loves to be scratched.  

Solo's mother(Perla) died hours after birth. He was raised with his surrogate mother, Empresa (Estabon's mother).
Solo halters, leads, grooms, ties, willingly picks up his feet for the farrier,loads in the trailer, and rides. He has a great personality and is independent. He has inherited his father’s luxury/pleasurable gait and potential. Great Show Gelding!!! 


Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJru8qC0h80&t=8s

Estabon was born June 13, 2012. He is a chestnut gelding, with a white spot on his belly. Estabon has a very sweet disposition. He halters,grooms, ties, leads, loads in the trailer,willingly picks up his feet,  fly sprays, bathes, and rides with a smooth,steady gait. He is a little on the lazy and slow side and can be quite pokey. He prefers to walk and mosey around. 

He rides in tradition peruvian tack, english saddle, western gaited saddle. 

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux1eVU9s7A4&feature=youtu.be



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